In connection with the many complaints about Insel Air, the Fundashon pa Konsumodó Curacao put an petition online.  In the petition the government of Curacao will be asked to design a compensation regulation for aggrieved passengers of Insel Air.
Unkobon is aware of the many flight delays at Insel Air and supports the initiative of the Fundashon pa Konsumodó Curacao wholeheartedly. Unkobon calls on its members and other residents of Bonaire to support the petition. You can find the petition at the link below.

Click here for the petition

With an online survey Unkobon, the Consumers Union of Bonaire, asks for the views of consumers on Telbo prvision of internet and television services. Unkobon requests the cooperation of everyone on Bonaire to fill out this survey.

You can find the survey on Unkobon website

Regularly Unkobon organizes surveys in which consumers can express their opinion on the company service level on Bonaire. The results of these surveys can cause companies to improve their services and/or to focus on better communication with their customers.

Until October 25 th, you can give your opinion on Telbo as a provider of internet and television services. It will take about five minutes of your time to complete the questionnaire. Unkobon calls upon you to give your opinion and to complete the survey. Go to:


In this newsletter: successful appeal to our members to assist in the BT&P evaluation of mail delivery; a lodged complaint with the Ombudsman because the Executive Council does not react to Unkobon’s request concerning the long lease price issues; and the numerous complaints about the Internet and MiTV provided by Telbo. Read more

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